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Let us help you build a multi-platform presence. Our Flutter development services ensure your app performs well.

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Services for Flutter App Development

Never limit your digital product idea to just mobile devices. You can create digital experiences that are cross-platform with the aid of our Flutter app developers.

Flutter App Ideation & Consulting

Since its inception, flutter app development has advanced significantly in terms of the framework's development and application cases. As a flutter app development company, we can assist you with validating your idea for a Flutter app and confirming that the framework is the best technical choice for your proposed product.

Flutter App Development

Our flutter developer can assist you in designing, developing, testing, and launching full-featured Flutter apps, from determining the greatest product-market fit to effortlessly delivering your application across a number of platforms.

Join with Us to Develop Highly Scalable Apps Using Flutter

We recognize how crucial it is to have a distinctive brand image that represents your company. Every iOS, Android, and web app we design with our Flutter developer is a perfect representation of the brand it stands for. As a Flutter app development firm, we make sure that all of the Material Design & Cupertino components we use in your apps are fully configurable to give your users a Native replica application on every device they use.

A sturdy architecture and expressive, flexible UI are the products of combining the feature-rich Flutter SDK with the visually stunning design component.

Because of this, AppInventiv is regarded as the most dependable and impeccable firm for developing flutter apps in the USA, Asia, and European Regions. Our team of flutter developers has experience creating world-class apps, and we have designed a lot of programmes that set new benchmarks.

Benefits of Developing Apps using Flutter Increase Efficiency Despite Costs

Our Flutter iOS app development services are based on the framework’s top features, which go beyond its financial advantages. We make sure that your application becomes the epitome of cross-platform greatness by utilising the SDK’s native end-user experience, expressiveness, customizable UI, and lightning-fast load speed of 60 FPS.

  • Fast Development
  • Expressive and Flexible UI
  • Native Performance
  • Easy Integration
  • Scalability Friendly
  • Single Codebase

Why should you choose Flutter App Development?

The advantages of Flutter app creation over Native and Hybrid app development are listed below.

  • Cost Savings: It takes less time and effort to build, test, and manage two apps when there is only one codebase, which is the case for the majority of the time. In most circumstances, you can anticipate savings of more than 40%.
  • Faster go-to-Market: Your mobile developers can focus on multiple functionality as you spend less time coding rather than duplicating it on a separate platform. You can thus shorten your time to market using the same resources.
  • Better Performance: Flutter doesn’t require a bridge to interface with the underlying OS, in contrast to hybrid mobile apps. As a result, Flutter apps function on par with native mobile apps. 
  • Hot Reload: Developers can immediately see the changes to the code on a simulator in real time with the Hot Reload functionality. This lowers a daily overhead cost and boosts productivity while developing the app.
  • Support for Older version: Because it has its own rendering engine, Flutter has an advantage over other cross-platform solutions. As a result, it can run on both iOS and many earlier Android versions.
  • Web Support: Our developers can deliver your Flutter code to web browsers thanks to Flutter for Web. Without having to completely rewrite your mobile app, we can package and distribute your current apps as PWAs.
  • Desktop Apps Support: We can create native macOS and Windows desktop apps from the code of your Flutter app with the aid of Flutter for Desktop. Your apps function flawlessly on your desktop by implementing personalised Flutter plugins.

Why Choose Us for Flutter App Development?

Real Experience

Even though Flutter is still a young technology, we swiftly adopted it the week it was released from beta since we saw its advantages over other cross-platform solutions. Within a few months of its introduction, we began working on actual projects, including a business project.

Native Development Background

Although Flutter is excellent, cross-platform app developers occasionally need to interact directly with the Android and iOS systems. Before learning Flutter, our developers have hands-on expertise with either iOS or Android. They may now work independently on complete projects and decide better which functionalities to build for Flutter vs. Native platforms.